What we do
  • Raise Sickle Cell Disease awareness through health education and provide financial and entrepeurial support to families
  • Provide assistance to communities through community service and outreach initiatives
  • Promote and foster leadership skills

Why we do

Sickle Cell Disease is a disturbing and painful condition that affects both children and adults. It affects many ethnicities, including those of African, Middle Eastern, Latino, Asian, Indian, and Mediterranean decent. But, it excessively affects African-Americans. The disease is in many of OUR HOMES and that makes it intensely personal. Ga Connection believes to whom much is given, much is required. Our appreciation for our lives moves us to not only exist but, to be productive citizens in our communities. We firmly stand on the words  eloquently spoken by Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Historic origin

GC is derived from Ga Connection. Ga is known as a unique ethnic group found in Ghana and Aneho area of Togo. The Ga and Adangbe people (Ga-Adangme, Ga-Dangme, or GaDangme) are collectively grouped into the Ga-Dangme ethnolinguistic group and found to live primarily in Greater Accra, Eastern Region, including, Osu, La, Ningo, Kpone, Krobo, Prampram and Ada.  The Ga and the Adangme tribe are believed to be two out of the ten of the Ten Lost Tribe of Isreal: Gad and Dan (Ga-Adangbe). They are believed to hadcrossed over into Egypt then into Ethiopia then Sudan. After years of settling in spiritual homeland of the Yoruba people, they eventually crossed through Benin, Togo then finally into Accra, Ghana.

GC Moto - In Unity Lies Strength

NKONSONKONSON is derived from West Africa and it refers to a chain link, and it signifies the strong bond between people of common lineage which is difficult to breath - that In Unity Lies Strength.

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