• Promoting Social and Cultural Education
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  • Fostering Leadership Skills and Unity
  • In Unity Lies Strength
  • Raise Awareness of Health Education
Ga Connection is a non profit organization established in 2013 with a mission to advocate for the Sickle Cell Disease community while promoting social and cultural education, fostering leadership skills and unity.

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) presents one of the challenging life debilitating health issues among children and adults across the world. Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder that affect red blood cells. Red blood cells contains hemoglobin, which allows the red blood cells to carry oxygen from the lungs to all other parts of the body. Due to the disease, insufficient hemoglobin impedes successful flow of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. As a result normal lifestyle is deprived from people with SCD. Together we can help make a difference in the lives of people living with Sickle Cell Disease.

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